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Zentinel™ is an all-inclusive solution for security, compliance, and peace of mind

When it comes to world-class technology, small and medium-sized businesses are left with disjointed, expensive solutions. Zentinel™ is designed to house and securely manage data for businesses of any size, because protecting data rights should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Replace complicated, expensive tech stacks

Today, complex tech stacks are required to serve one purpose. Instead, consolidate disjointed systems and effectively secure and manage data with our single solution, Zentinel.

Go from implementation to utilization in weeks

Forget tedious audits and tech implementations. Zentinel connects with existing infrastructure to provide military-grade data storage quickly, without leaving you vulnerable to data breaches and hackers.

Spend a fraction and save a fortune

Comprehensive rollouts and maintenance for the right technology quickly becomes prohibitively expensive. Zentinel is 5x more cost-effective than implementing a new platform or maintaining an exhaustive tech stack.

The new standard for trust

Zentinel takes the burden and liability of storing data off of you and your team. Zentinel follows Zero Trust and Zero Access security models to give you full transparency and constant visibility into data access.

Hear how Zentinel helps your business

Finally, CEOs from small and medium-sized businesses can afford the level of data security and compliance that much larger Corporations have enjoyed for years. Zentinel is a game changer.
$4 Million
Is the average cost of a data breach, 40% of which is lost business
With off-premise, decentralized data storage, efficient monitoring, and powerful encryption, Zentinel blocks an adversary’s ability to access information.
Potential implementation costs for a new cybersecurity platform
We don’t believe in surprising you with steep, upfront expenses. Built-in implementation costs help make Zentinel 5x more cost-effective than other market offerings.
$2 Million
Is the initial cost required to comply with data privacy laws
We understand the pressure from increasingly complex data privacy laws, so Zentinel ensures compliance with state, national, and internal regulations through a robust API.

Is your data secure and in compliance?

For a fraction of the standard market cost, Zentinel protects your assets from data breaches and ensures regulatory compliance with nondisruptive efficiency.


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