Upgrade your company’s data protection and compliance

Our fully-integrated, end-to-end encryption platform is built for scalability, resilience, and efficiency.


Security, Compliance, and Peace of Mind

When it comes to world-class technology, businesses are left with disjointed, expensive solutions. Zentinel is designed to house and securely manage data for businesses of any size.

Replace complicated, expensive tech stacks

Zentinel consolidates disjointed systems and effectively secures and manages data within a single solution.

Quickly go from implementation to utilization

Zentinel connects with existing infrastructure to quickly provide secure data storage and audit capabilities.

Spend a fraction, save a fortune

Zentinel is 5x more cost-effective than implementing a new platform or maintaining an exhaustive tech stack.

The new standard for trust

Zentinel follows Zero Trust and Zero Access security models to give you full transparency and constant visibility into data access.

Knowing our sensitive data is secured by Zentinel not only protects our organization and users from liability and vulnerability, it also gives us tremendous peace of mind.

Andre Cuadrado

Founder, xChange Loans
Zentinel gives our organization cutting edge data security technology and protection for our clients without the liability or headaches of other solutions.

Jack Buck

CEO, RE-Meter
Finally, CEOs from small and medium-sized businesses can afford the level of data security and compliance that much larger Corporations have enjoyed for years. Zentinel is a game changer.

Dr. Roméo Farinacci

Cybersecurity Expert & Consultant

$4 Million

is the average cost of a data breach, 40% of which is lost business

With off-premise, decentralized data storage, efficient monitoring, and powerful encryption, Zentinel thwarts an adversary’s ability to access information.

$2 Million

is the initial cost required to comply with data privacy laws

Our focus is to understand complex data privacy laws, so Zentinel can assure compliance with federal, state, and internal privacy regulations for your company.

$1.2 Million

Is the average breach cost savings from data pricacy/protection technologies

We help organizations implement data protection solutions quickly while significantly reducing costs associated with implementing new technology.


is the potential implementation cost for new cybersecurity tech

Straightforward implementation costs help make Zentinel 5x more cost-effective than other market offerings.

Is your data secure and in compliance?

“Zentinel provides centralized data management, authentication, reporting and tracking of data coming in and out of the organization. It also provides full control and visibility into an organization’s data environment.”

– Dr. Roméo Farinacci Cybersecurity Expert & Consultant

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