About Us

We believe in data visibility for everyone

We founded PrettyFluid Technologies because we're passionate about protecting the data of every individual. We are achieving this by providing software that helps corporations protect their valuable customer information securely, transparently, and reliably without compromising convenience.

We built Zentinel as the ultimate data security platform, virtually eliminating liability and the usual astronomical costs associated with storing sensitive information, while simultaneously complying with a myriad of regulations. By leveraging military-grade encryption with a focus on efficiency to develop our solution, we've created an incredibly secure environment that isn’t a nightmare to access for authorized agents. Call us nerds, but we like to think of Zentinel as Superman’s Fortress of Solitude for your data, and you’re Superman. Only you can easily lift the million-ton key to access it.

All joking aside, we simply believe that any company should be able to provide a secure environment for their customers’ data without breaking the bank or driving their customers crazy. Through equal parts innovation and disruption, we believe our data security and data rights firm is creating a better world by utilizing what we've learned in leadership positions in some of the most highly-regulated technical environments in the world to protect your bottom line, your reputation, and your most important assets – your customers.

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