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PrettyFluid Technologies Inc. Privacy Policy
Effective March 1, 2020
Last Update: March 1, 2020

PrettyFluid Technologies Inc. (“PFT“) is committed to protecting your security and privacy. PFT only collects information needed to provide you with our Software or Services. By using our Software orServices you agree to this privacy policy and our terms of service.

Summary (Cliff Notes)
Nothing provided in the section Privacy Policy Terms below contradicts the following statements:

  1. PFT only collects voluntarily submitted personal information needed to complete Services or new user sign-up for use of Software
  2. PFT does not sell your data collected from Services or Software
  3. PFT cannot involuntarily access any of your personal information that you save in our Software
  4. PFT will only share your personal information if required to complete a Service you have signed up to use
  5. PFT cannot provide your information when legally required because we cannot access your data other than information provided to complete a Service
  6. PFT will retain your personal information from a Service for up to 30 days after request deletion
  7. PFT has never received any legal or government requests for user information

Privacy Policy Terms (Full Text)
Herein this privacy policy will reference Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”), which is defined in this privacy policy as data that can identify a person or device.

  1. Collection of Your Personally Identifiable Information
    Our Software and Services will not involuntarily collect any of your PII. We do detect non-personally identifiable geo-location information through analytics tools to optimize our services; however, this information is general in nature and never associated to a specific user or device.

    Because we do not collect information about your online activities over time and across third-party websites or online services, there is no need for us to respond to a browser’s Do Not Track settings, although we strongly support a consumer’s right to set such a preference and encourage all website operators to honor this consumer choice.

    To improve the Services and your experience at, we may collect usage data through analytics tools, including number of page views, visitor browser types, operating systems, or the links clicked to navigate to and from our site.
  2. Voluntary Communication
    For voluntary communication from PFT you may opt-in to our marketing flyer or update your notification preferences. We will not automatically add you to our marketing communications.
  1. Payment Providers
    PFT uses Stripe and PayPal to process payments. Your payment information and email is subject to their respective privacy policies. and
  2. Selling your Personally Identifiable Information
    PFT does not sell your PII. This means there is never a transfer of fiat currency or in kind payment from third parties in exchange for your PII.
  1. Third Party Data Collection
    PFT does not permit or allow third parties to collect information about you on our site through cookies or other means.
  2. Legal Requests for Your Personally Identifiable Information
    The voluntarily submitted information we collect is specific to Services offered and user creation for use of our SoftwarePFT can only provide voluntarily submitted information when legally required because we cannot involuntarily access data within the Software you use.

    In the event we are required to share your information, we’ll do so only to comply with laws or legally enforceable requests, to enforce our own rights and contracts with users or third parties, or to prevent harm to others and their property in an emergency situation.

    In any circumstance, we can only share information that you voluntarily submit through use of our Services. Lastly, we’ll inform you of any such event when legally permissible and within an ample timeframe.
  1. Deletion of Your Personally Identifiable Information
    If you request to have your information deleted we will remove your PII from our records within 30 days.
  2. Transparency Report
    We will comply with a request for user data when the law requires it; however, we will require valid legal process. This includes and is not limited to a legitimate and properly defined court order or search warrant supported by probable cause and issued by an appropriate law enforcement authority.

    Recipients of National Security Requests can only publish reporting bands instead of specific figures. If we receive such a request, we may challenge these reporting bands, in addition to opposing any unlawful or overbroad requests.
    In any circumstance, we can only share information that you voluntarily submit through use of our Services. Lastly, we’ll inform you of any such event when legally permissible and within an ample timeframe.
  3. Changes to this policy
    Any changes to our privacy policy will trigger a notification to your email if you’ve elected to receive company updates from PFT. Otherwise, we encourage you to review this privacy policy periodically.

For any questions related to this privacy policy please email with the Subject line ‘Privacy Policy Inquiry:’.


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