Security, compliance, and peace of mind

Zentinel™ revolutionizes data security to completely protect your customers’ data and immediately make your company 100% compliant with CCPA and GDPR. You can seamlessly implement, operationalize, and generate accurate reports from Zentinel™ in just days, rather than months. 


Zentinel’s plug-and-play functionality requires no restructuring of current business processes to begin leveraging its capabilities. Additionally, with our zero-access policy and end-to-end encryption, even Zentinel’s parent company, PrettyFluid Technologies, has no visibility into your data.


Consumers are provided with explicit grant-access controls and a self-managed environment, which includes setting custom controls to apply data transaction thresholds and restrict data access by time-of-day.


Compliance Automation and Dashboards are built in for GDPR and CCPA requirements with workflows and opt-in functionality while enabling quick response and auditing to meet regulatory requirements.

Zentinel Advantages

Off Premises Encrypted Data Storage

Zentinel™ lets you rest assured that your sensitive data is securely stored in an immutable database using cryptography - providing data secrecy, integrity, authentication, and anonymity.

Identity Services

Zentinel™ goes way beyond basic regulatory compliance by removing data privacy concerns and allowing you to focus on your company’s core competencies.

Data Rights Management

Zentinel™ transfers the risk and liability of storing PII, ePHI, and other regulated data while implementing rigorous controls on data access.